Same file content for Prestashop 1.6 and Thirtybees ?

By Olivier BGG, 4 years ago


I tried to install this module on a default Prestashop (on localhost, PHP 7.0 and Nginx webserver) and got an error message

Then, using Windows software Winmerge, i checked the files were exactly the sames Inside the Following zip archives:


Is it normal for the modules to be the sames ? (i also tried to install on a default Thirtybees 1.1.0 and it worked perfectly this time)

Best regards

By Petr Hucik, 4 years ago

Yes, it's OK that these two archives are the same. Sometimes, the module doesn't need any modification to work on ps16.

To be honest, I never tested this module on ps16. It was designed for thirtybees