States fields for Romania

By Marius Lazar, 2 years ago


Could you please take notice that for Romania the states selector should be activated they are called "Judet" .

I tried to add a new custom field but there is a mismatch because will appear as the last one . Normally should appear just below country selector.

How can I adapt the module until a new version will correct this ?

Would it be possible for the user to have the possibility to rearrange the fields?

Thank you

By Marius Lazar, 2 years ago

Several remarks about my post:

Platform: Thirtybees - bledding edge


By Petr Hucik, 2 years ago


if you country (RO) uses states, you should:

  1. edit Localization > Countries > Romania, and enable Contains states
  2. go to Localization > States, and creates your states

Thirtybees will then ask for state during address creation. Chex will do the same.

Alternative is to create custom field, as you did. However, you will encounter couple of issues with it

  1. you can't really position it -- this is not yet implemented
  2. the custom field value will not be printed on your invoices, orders, etc... it's just chex private field,

Have a nice day