help with some issues

By Edi cohen, 4 years ago

Hi Petr,

I have some issues with the purchased module:

1) If the ajax cart on block cart module is set to false, i get an error in the console saying: ajaxCart not defined, i dont wish to use the ajax cart option on my website

2) I dont see an option to edit the cart on the cart column section (remove product, change quantity etc...), above the cart column, there is a edit btn when the mouse is over on this section, but it dosnt do anything when i click it

the link to my testing environment:

i would appreciate you help

Thanks in advance,


By Petr Hucik, 4 years ago

Hi Liran,

1) this is not a bug. It's just a warning -- chex try to listen to changes made by ajax cart module, but in this case it can't because ajax cart is missing. Rest assured it can work without it properly. I will change reporting level from error to debug in next version

2) I'll investigate. It seems there is some bug that prevents cart editation

By Edi cohen, 4 years ago

Thanks for the quick reply, ill wait for you response regarding the cart edit