Compatibilité de Module de Paiement

By Mayer OLIVIER, 4 years ago


I would like to buy the module in question, but would like to know if my payment modules are compatible with.

I use the payment module by:

  1. PAYLINE Bank Card Module (with Opening a lightbox for the payment)
  2. Check module in one time
  3. Check module in 2 times
  4. Bank Transfer Module

Is your module compatible with Thirty Bees 1.10? I am currently using Thirty Bees 1.08 with PANDA Theme.

Thank you for your return, if I have to send you the payment modules.


By Petr Hucik, 4 years ago


yes, chex module is compatible with thirtybees 1.1.0. In fact, my site runs on this version right now.

Chex offers 14 days trial period, so the easiest way is to install in on your server and verify that it works. There is also a sandbox mode, so only you will see the chex checkout. Your visitors can still use your current checkout flow.

Alternatively, send me your payment modules to, and I can test it for your.


By Mayer OLIVIER, 4 years ago


I just installed the demo version and encounter several problems ..

My shop displays the prices HT, all the prices in the module are displayed TTC

All my payment methods are not displayed

I propose several carriers, only 1 is displayed ...?

No French translation? Everything has to be translated?

  • No settings available in the module? Color, size ... etc ...?
By Petr Hucik, 4 years ago
  1. HT / TTC - I can only assume this means displaying prices with or without tax. This is governed by standard configuration option Localization > Taxes > Display tax in the shopping cart
  2. what payments method are not displayed? Please send me associated payment modules
  3. only carries that can deliver to selected address are displayed
  4. correct, there is no French translation
  5. to tweak appearance of the module you can to modify its CSS file
By Mayer OLIVIER, 4 years ago

Thank you for your comeback,

  1. The shop is dedicated to professionals, all the prices displayed are exclusive of taxes, with a summary of taxes on order only
  2. the Shop displays by default all prices excluding taxes, the customer group is displayed excluding taxes, this comes from the module which displays by default all taxes included
  3. 3 payment methods, by check, check in 2 times and credit card are not displayed
  4. Carriers, OK, on ​​the other hand the prices of the carriers are also displayed all taxes included
  5. The recap of the VAT is well displayed, no worries
  6. Translation, OK, no worries, I would translate
  7. CSS, no choice, so I would change
By Mayer OLIVIER, 4 years ago

I just sent you by email the payment modules and delivery estimate

By Mayer OLIVIER, 4 years ago


Do you already have a return of modules sent yesterday by email?