Development suggestion

By Graphskill Limited, 4 years ago

Might be nice if we could look in from the front office (checkut page) also. I have seen this on another PS module

Case: We often take orders from customers over the phone. The easiet way to do this is to pretend to be the customer and put the items in the cart, then follow the normal checkout routine. Bascially we just do the typing. All works well for new custmomers. If the customer already exists (and they rarely tell us, or can even remember) then of course the email throws up a problem and causes issues. At this point it might be nice if your module recognises we are staff (from our IP address or jsut by knowing we are also logged in the back office as admin) and pops up a button we can click to log in as the customer. This way the cart is maintained and we can just proceed. We can;t so this from the back office because it clears the cart

By Petr Hucik, 4 years ago

Good idea. I'll investigate if it can be done