product names in output email.

By Russell Marsh, 2 years ago

Hi Petr, I am using the module to send an email to another staff when an order is created so he can fulfill the order. (I did mention this issue by email but so far you haven't replied..)

I basically copied the order_conf html and txt files and renamed them - changed the

text a bit but left the fields basically as they were. The only major change was the customer address field which you explained "there are not predefined fields, you will need to compose the value yourself" - I did this and the customers address is now in the output email just fine :-)

The issue is in getting the products names inserted into the email:

You did say to set it like this:

Unfortunately this doesn't work in the output email.

I tried dozens of combos of any options I could think of but just can't get it to display the product name (or names with a multiple order)

Unfortunately the whole project is pointless if the staff can't see which product to send out..

Thanks for your help on this and other bits and bobs :-)


By Petr Hucik, 2 years ago

Hi Russ,

I've just tested this, and it works correctly on my site. Not sure where the problem is, I would need ftp + back office access to further investigate.


By Russell Marsh, 2 years ago

Thanks for replying so fast Petr - I was just adding to my message,

I just actually just read your tutorial on "SEND COPY OF ALL OUTGOING EMAILS TO YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS"

made a new rule and condition in conseq - "before email is sent" and "Subject contains Order Confirmation" put the staff email in as a constant field as BCC and tested it all and it works well :-)

To be honest that does the job with no fuss and no field manipulation so I might as well save you some time unless you really want to find out :-)