Prestashop - The plugin fails to open after installation

By Hitinder Bawani, 8 months ago


I can open the plugin once I click on configure.

What should I do?

By Petr Hucik, 8 months ago

Look into the /classes directory in your prestashop installation. There will be some extra file that is not being used by prestashop core. You probably made changes to Search.php file, and created a backup before - something like 'Search_backup.php' or similar.

Conseqs module loads all files in 'classes' directory to the memory in order to find out all Object Models that can be used. It loads the original 'Search.php' file, and then the backup file as well, which leads to class conflict. The 'SearchCore' class is declared in both files, obviously.

Please delete the backup file, or change its extension from php to something else, for example *.bak.

By Catherine CLAVEAU, 3 months ago


Got exactly the same error ;/

I searched in the classes directory but only one Search.php file and no bakcup file existing ...

Thanks for your help.