issue with missing itemReviews - paid version

By Alexandr Spirov, 3 years ago


I have an issue with missing itemReviews on pages that do contain reviews, some of them many. The strange thing is that it reads AggregateRating, worstRating or ratingValue just fine on the same page. It just doesn’t read the part with itemprop=review itemscope itemtype=””. I know that it is not an error but warning, but since we have reviews on that page, I would like to make sure Google can read those reviews. Currently, it doesn’t. When I test in Structured Data Testing Tool, it is OK but I see the warnings in Google Search Console as well as in Google testing tool here . When I do live test in Search Console, I have also same warnings. Can you please have a look at it?

By Roman Gac, 2 years ago


I have the same problem with itemReviews missing on pages containing reviews. The information is being reported by Search Console.

Have you found a solution?