Rating by product-list

By Alex Bijmolt, 2 years ago

The reviews in at the product list do not show up. The settings seem to be correct. The website is: https://www.verrekijkershop.nl/alle-verrekijkers/

By Petr Hucik, 2 years ago

This looks like an issue with the amazzingfilter module. This module takes over listing page functionality, and calls its own ajax handler to retrieve list of products. Looks like the rendered list does not include reviews information.

Please contact developer of that module for assistance

By Amazzing Filter, 2 years ago


We are developers of Amazzing Filter module.

You can send us a message on addons.prestashop.com from the same account that was used for purchasing the module, and we will help you fix that issue

By Alex Bijmolt, 2 years ago


I contacted the developers of the Amazzin Filter module. The following is occuring.

We just checked it again, but there are no reviews displayed with or without filter: https://prnt.sc/xz5x24

We checked this page: https://www.verrekijkershop.nl/alle-verrekijkers/

First we thought that may be we should activate option to Render empty ratings in Review module configuration.

But when we just checked configuration and that option is already active. 

So, in order to avoid any misunderstanding, let's clarify the original task. 

First we considered, that rating stars are displayed correctly without filter module, but when filter module is active they are not displayed. But when we check category page without filter block, there are still no rating stars. So, we don't even know how they should look like.

The review stars do not display, even without activating the filter module.

Kind regards,