CSS Problem with your module "Revws - Product Reviews"

By Peter Sabel, 2 years ago


as you can see I have an optical problem with your module I have bought and intalled in my shop (www.spyshop-online.com)

It needs a fix, because nobody can see the black characters for the navigation on the dark background.

Tell me ho to do it.

I can edit the corresponding area in the CCS myself if I know exactly where !

Here is a screenshot:

By Petr Hucik, 2 years ago

Your theme forces some css for buttons. You need to figure out what css rule in your theme does that, and adjust it accordingly. In chrome, click on the element with right button and select Inspect from menu. That will give you overview of all css rules applied to the element.

By Peter Sabel, 2 years ago

Thanks for the answer !

I was so far as to try this this way.

But unfortunately, with my know-how, I couldn't do it.

I was hoping that the problem could be resolved with an intervention in the CSS of your module.

By Peter Sabel, 2 years ago

What can I say ?

Under the circumstances, the module is unusable for me.

I am a user and not a programmer and therefore I rely on the fact that a module that I buy can be easily integrated into the shop.

If I have to find out after the purchase that the Base-CSS needs to be modified at the core of the shop, then I find this unreasonable as an end user.

This navigation element for forwards and backwards should be regulated by the module's css and in no case later by intervening in the basic CSS of the theme.

Should I now employ a programmer or take a course to learn CSS ???

By Petr Hucik, 2 years ago

My module contains all the styles it needs to function properly. However, your theme (or other third party module) have some css rule that overrides default css that comes with the revws module.

My module is installed on more than 1000 websites and nobody reported issue that you have.

You need to figure out why there is such aggressive css rule in your website and what is if for. If you can't do that yourself, then yes -- you should hire developer that can do that for you.

Note that I wanted to have a look at your website, and maybe tell you where the problem is. Unfortunately I was unable to do that. Your server is behaving very strangely -- it redirects to google. That's not a good impression.

By Peter Sabel, 2 years ago

About 40 additional Prestashop-certified modules have been working in my shop and have been working perfectly for years.

None of the modules cause any visual problem with aggressive CSS.

It may be that your module conforms to a large number of themes, but in any case it does not work with the theme used in my shop.

And that only affects the navigation element forwards and backwards.

Namely this corresponding button.

And if you get redirected when you visit my website, it's probably because you're using a VPN server for surfing.

Or you come from a country that is closed to my offer.

And one more thing, I can do something with the CSS to a small extent, but I don't have enough know-how with these special definitions for this special button.

By Petr Hucik, 2 years ago

I can't help you unless I can actually see your website.