By Pedro Hilario Armiñanzas, 2 years ago


It seems that the seller has gone on vacation, he has answered several messages, but suddenly I have now written several on a week without reply, so this or he does not want to attend me. I do not know what to do and what, then, because I had to reinstall the module reviews (paid), before I downloaded my reviews, but now I tried to upload and the device is not active, I attach image. I would appreciate any help.

I will also try to post on the Prestashop Forum, I am desperate.

Thank you.

By Cécile De la Clergerie, 2 years ago


Your link "Product comments" is - i believe - only to MIGRATE comments from the original Prestashop "Product comments" module ("productcomments")

By Pedro Hilario Armiñanzas, 2 years ago

hellos Cécile De la Clergerie and thank you for your reply.

One question more please, then i can download my reviews but I can not upload? or how i can upload reviews of my own module?

By Domas Šteimantas, 2 years ago

See no one will help you..

Here it is yotpo .csv file headers


Write your reviews and upload it revw module

By Pedro Hilario Armiñanzas, 2 years ago

Hi friend, I really value your contribution but ...

I have observed your contribution and it is fine, although, I have verified that through the module I can upload the comments one by one more easily than generating the .csv file, since my system, with the email, recognizes 90% of the data of my customers and this is many time that I save.

Anyway, thank you very much for your help.