color in popup don't work properly, url and mails

By Fabio sacco, 1 year ago

Hi, thank you for the great module. I've install on my website with ps and i have these problems:

  • when the review popup opens and ask you to choose how many stars take, the stars have different color then the one i've check in the backoffice. In the reviews tab and in the second popup the colors are correct.
  • i've change the url for all pages in my website, but the reviews url seems to not change. I've insert "website/le-mie-recensioni" but don't change and the url stay "/reviews/my-reviews"
  • in the mails, i change the title on translate section, but it don't change and stay in english when send the mails

Sorry for my bad english, i hope you can help me,

Thank you

Best regards