Yotpo Import failing

By Barry Smith, 7 months ago

Fails to import reviews from Yotpo - think Yotpo reviews headers have changed as import keeps failing with:

Failed to import reviews: CSV does not contains column published all Yotpo exported reviews columns are capitalised and have spaces. Can this be fixed please- latest yotpo headers read as follows:

appKey,Review ID,Review Creation Date,Review Type,Review Status,Status Details,Review Source,Review Score,Review Title,Review Content,Sentiment Score,Profanity Flag,Published Image Url,Unpublished Image URL,Published Video URL,Unpublished Video URL,Comment Date,Comment Content,Comment Public,Review Tags,Thumbs Up,Thumbs Down,Order ID,Order Date,Pushed to Social,Reviewer Display Name,Reviewer Email,Reviewer Type,Reviewer Country,Reviewer Device Type,Product ID,Product Title,Product Description,Product URL,Product Image URL,Product Handle,Product Group,Product Category,Product UPC,Product SKU,Product Brand,Product MPN,Product ISBN

Have tried to correct by editing headers but still not importing :( Want to buy full module, but can't until I know it imports from Yotpo!

By Petr Hucik, 6 months ago

Yotpo recently changed format of their import csv file. In fact, their own documentation still contains reference to original column names.

This will be fixed in one of the upcoming versions. Meanwhile, I suggest you edit csv file, and adjust it to match previous csv format

By Barry Smith, 6 months ago

Hi Petr - guessed as much- edited the CSV headers and managed to import them.