List of actions

Core actions

these actions can always be used

  • Change order status - This action will change order status
  • Change product quantity - This action will change product quantity on stock
  • Create voucher - This action will create new cart rule for specific customer
  • Debug - This helper action will display debugging information
  • Execute custom SQL - Executes custom SQL statement
  • Log to file - Writes one line to log file
  • Raise Error - This action will display error page with custom error message
  • Redirect - Redirects user to some url
  • Send email - Sends email using specific email template
  • Assign customer to group - This action will change product quantity on stock

Trigger specific actions

these actions can be used only in combination with specific triggers

  • Before email is sent
    • Email: add BCC recipient - Send blind copy of email to specified email address
    • Email: attach file - Attaches custom file to email body
    • Email: change recipient - Modifies email recipient
    • Email: change subject - Modifies subject of email
    • Email: change email template - Changes template used to render email content
    • Email: prevent sending email - This action will block sending email

Module specific actions

these actions can be used only when some module is installed

  • Loyalty
    • Award loyalty points - This action allows you to grant loyalty points to your customers
  • genzo_krona
    • Trigger Krona Action - This action will trigger krona action

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