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This module will allow you to execute custom actions when something interesting happens in your store. For example, you can send email when new order is placed

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This module will allow you to execute custom actions when something interesting happens in your store.

You read that right. You can indeed automate almost anything inside your prestashop. Conseqs module will let you create rules like this:

  • when new order is created then send email to my email address
  • automatically cancel unpaid orders if they are older then 14 days
  • when product stock quantity changed, and product reference is 'mug', and new quantity is below 30, then send email
  • when user navigates to url that contains string '/invalid-keyword' then redirect to '/sorry-not-available' url
  • when employee logs in to back office, then log this information into access.txt file
  • send copy of all outgoing emails to your email address  
  • when user ends up on 404 page, then log the current url address to text file
  • don't send email if subject contains 'www'


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  • version 0.7.0 released on 05/21/2020


    This release brings new action: Execute Webhook

    A webhook (also called a web callback or HTTP push API) is a mechanism that application can use to notify other web applications about some events.

    With this action you can create advanced automations. For example

    • you can send notification to your Slack channel when new order has been placed
    • you can automatically add customer's email address to your mailchimp list when they register
    • when new order is placed, you can notify Datakick module and it will generate xml/csv file with this order information
    • and much more...

    Other changes

    • fixed bug with non-existing parameters
    • Execute SQL action now logs sql errors
  • version 0.6.0 released on 09/06/2019

  • version 0.5.0 released on 08/02/2019

  • version 0.4.0 released on 06/20/2019

  • version 0.3.1 released on 06/12/2019

  • version 0.3.0 released on 06/12/2019

This documentation applies to both free and paid version of the module.

General information

  1. How it works
  2. Creating automation rule
  3. Advanced rules based on Measures
  4. Import and export
  5. Prepared solutions

Detail information about triggers and actions

useful information for anyone creating automation rules from scratch. Lear more about available triggers, actions, and conditions. What is their behaviour and how to use them

Third party integration

Conseqs module can be extended to support thirtd party modules. Here's list of currently integrated modules. If you would like conseqs to work with module you are using, please contact us and provide some information about the module (module name, author email, etc)

  • revws - our product reviews module 
  • loyalty - standard prestashop loyalty module
  • genzo_krona - amazing customer loyalty module for thirtybees 

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