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The most powerful product and store review module for prestashop platform. With this module, your visitors can post a review for your products, or for a shop as a whole. Merchants can moderate, edit, or comment on reviews from back office.

Module can actively help merchants collect more reviews by employing advanced built-in email automation functionality coupled with rewards options.


prestashop 1.6 prestashop 1.7 thirtybees

Product reviews are the best way to build trust and increase conversion rate. Let your customers do the talking!

This premium version of popular free revws module has all the features as free module. On top of it it, you will get access to premium functionalities that will help you collect more reviews. This version also let your customer review not only products, but also your store as a whole.

Publishing reviews

Visitors can create reviews for your product or for your store. Fast and beautiful javascript widget will ensure great user experience. Your visitors can also edit their own reviews. They have an option to report abusive content, and to upvote useful reviews.


Moderation process ensures that only quality and appropriate reviews will displayed. Administrator can approve or reject reviews, edit them, and add response.


Automation functionality helps you with review collection process.
Module can automatically send review request to customers who purchased products recently. Your customers can review purchased product with single mouse click from the email.


This module adds rich snippets to your product pages. These metadata help highlight your store on Google’s search engine result page.
Module also integrates with our DataKick module for data export and import. You can access all reviews data, import and export them, or mass edit reviews.


You don't need coding skills to adjust this module according to your needs. Build in configuration page let you tweak the behaviour to match your needs. There are many options, for example you can
  • allow or disable guest reviews
  • choose where to display reviews
  • set up different review criteria for different products
  • change shape and colours of stars
  • and many more
Rated 4.88 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 32 customer reviews
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I like it....except for

I like everything about this module except for the fact that when I add a comment from something a customer said to me verbally about our products, i can set the date to when they texted me the comment, but it doesn't save as the date I set.

I then have to go back into the comment and edit the date and resave. That's a bug hassle for something that should be basic.
Otherwise it's a great module

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Nice product

Its a nice module, the only thing i miss, is when i export the reviews i cant import them with the same tool(or do i miss something) I only see product comments and Yotpo possibility. For the rest my compliments.

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Great module, I had to buy another for my other website.

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Simplu si eficient

Buna ziua, suntem incantati de acest modul , deoarece este foarte simplu de lucrat cu el si este foarte eficient pentru sait.

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very useful and great support

very useful and great support

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  • version 2.2.2 released on 07/11/2020


    • fixed PHP 7.4 deprecation warnings
    • fixed database tables charset -- it's not possible to use smileys in review content
    • fixed microdata in js code -- rich metadata were emitted only in .tpl templates. Now they are also in DOM nodes created by javascript
  • version 2.2.0 released on 08/30/2019

  • version 2.1.0 released on 06/13/2019

  • version 2.0.5 released on 05/29/2019

  • version 2.0.4 released on 02/22/2019

  • version 2.0.3 released on 02/22/2019

  • version 2.0.2 released on 02/22/2019

  • version 2.0.1 released on 02/22/2019

  • version 2.0.0 released on 02/22/2019

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