List of triggers

Core triggers

  • After record has been created - called after new record has been created and saved into database
  • After record has been updated - called after record has been updated and saved into database
  • Before email is sent - executed just before email is sent
  • Before record is created - called just before new record is saved into the database
  • Measure value changed - executed whenever measure value changes
  • New order created - executed when new order has been created
  • Order status change - executed when order status change
  • Page view - executed when specific page is displayed
  • Stock quantity changed - executed after stock quantity changed
  • After conseqs rule - executed immediately after another conseqs rule complete. You can use it to chain your rules
  • Product purchased - this trigger is executed when your customer purchase specific product 

Revws module

  • Revws: Review created - executed when review is created
  • Revws: Review updated - executed when review is updated
  • Revws: Review deleted - executed when review is deleted
  • Revws: Review approved - executed when review is approved

Loyalty module

  • Loyalty points are expiring - scheduled hook executed when loyalty points are about to expire

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