Chex - One Page Checkout


Chex - Checkout Experience is One Page Checkout module for prestashop 1.6 and thirtybees platform. This module tries to simplify the checkout flow


prestashop 1.6 thirtybees

Beautiful and modern One Page Checkout module for thirtybees and prestashop 1.6 platforms.


Rated 4.50 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 8 customer reviews
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Clean and easy checkout

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A super OPC that works very well

We were recommended to use Chex on our Thirtybees installations. This module is easy to use and works super well. Our customers seem to like it too !

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Easy, quick and profesional / Fácil, rápido y profesional

Since I discover this module I was expecting to try it on my new website. Many people talk about this developer is a pro, and I was excited to work with his products. Particularly, I only look for intuitive and quick checkout pages, for me the CRO is a must in this section. We're using it on Thirty bees, all is running fine. Thank you so much!

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Reply from Datakick Store:
Thanks Robert for the review, I'm glad it works for you. Stay tuned for new updates!
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Good job

The module is perfect. In our store requires several corrections. Our additional payment method is not integrated. But after a few corrections we are satisfied.

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Very good OPC - easy and cool

This module has everything what easy OPC need. I have many others OPC before, but this module is exactly what i need - minimalise missunderstanding between customers and OPC.

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  • version 0.8.0 released on 05/24/2020

    Custom fields persistence support

    Custom fields are part of the chex module since version 0.5.0. But until now custom fields values were not stored into DB.

    This version fixes this issue. Custom fields are now persisted into database.

  • version 0.7.0 released on 04/17/2020

  • version 0.6.4 released on 11/21/2019

  • version 0.6.3 released on 10/14/2019

  • version 0.6.2 released on 10/13/2019

  • version 0.6.1 released on 10/11/2019

  • version 0.6.0 released on 10/11/2019

  • version 0.5.0 released on 09/05/2019

  • version 0.4.0 released on 08/15/2019

  • version 0.3.1 released on 08/02/2019

  • version 0.3.0 released on 07/22/2019

  • version 0.2.0 released on 07/18/2019

  • version 0.1.6 released on 05/27/2019

  • version 0.1.5 released on 04/16/2019

  • version 0.1.4 released on 04/08/2019

  • version 0.1.3 released on 02/22/2019

  • version 0.1.2 released on 02/22/2019

  • version 0.1.1 released on 02/22/2019

  • version 0.1.0 released on 02/22/2019

  • version 0.0.7 released on 02/22/2019