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Reference: price-alert

This free prestashop module will notify your customers when price of product they are interested in changes.


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This free module will let your customers easily create price alerts on products and combinations. They will receive email when price drops below indicated threshold.

Not only is this a powerful incentive for them to return to your shop, but it also gives you interesting information - email addresses and expected price. You can use it to optimize your pricing strategy or for other marketing purposes.


  • automatically sends email when price drops
  • alerts can be created by anonymous visitors as well as registered customers
  • supports product combinations - notification can be set for specific combination only
  • supports multiple currencies
  • easily change change email template
  • modern design

Accessing data

Module itself doesn’t have any functionality to export price alert data, but it is integrated with DataKick module - your price alerts data will be available for creating lists, xml exports, inline editing and mass updates just as any regular record type. 

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Very original

Very original, beautiful and exquisitely crafted. Made with great taste. Excellent design. Thanks.

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Nice and useful module. Would be good it have field to enter phone number, not only email. Thanks!

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Nice module

Hello ,

Thank you very much for this module!

I just have two issues:

1) I cannot find how to translate this module for the front office not emails
2) I cannot change the position of the module on the front office also

Thank you for your help.

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Reply from Datakick Store:
Thanks for the review. If you have questions, please write them on 'Help' section. Reviews are not really the best place for them :)
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Alerta Preço


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Frontend perfect, backend not working properly

Mails are working now after creating language mail folder, but still can see no options available like on your screenshot - can not see who submitted to price drop etc. thank you

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Reply from Datakick Store:
In order for email to be sent you need to translate the email templates to your language.

Regarding data access -- as written on the product page, module itself doesn't have any data export or listing capabilities. You can, however, use Datakick module to access this information.