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Free version of popular reviews module for prestashop and thirtybees platforms. This version allows your visitors to leave reviews for your products on product detail page. Merchant can moderate reviews from backend administration. 


prestashop 1.6 prestashop 1.7 thirtybees

Product reviews are very important tool to increase customers trust. This free review module will add review capabilities to your prestashop store.

This module is one of the most complete reviews solution. It will let you manage your product reviews with ease.

  • module supports both customer and guest reviews.
  • review moderation function will ensure only appropriate content
  • email notifications - module will inform you about new reviews
  • you can reply to reviews
  • you can ask your customers to review different aspects of your products.
  • you can have different review criteria for different products.
  • theming options - you don’t have to use standard star symbol anymore, why not use, for example, heart?
  • module emits rich snippets into product page. This will highlight your products in google search results
  • customers can edit or delete their reviews
  • voting and report abuse buttons will help you detect fake reviews or spam
  • Customers can attach images to reviews to show how they used the product
  • comprehensive settings - you can tweak almost anything. Without the need to change code.
  • it’s strikingly beautiful
  • and much more

Option to upgrade to premium

If you need more functionality, you can always upgrade to premium version. That will unlock many more features, including store reviews and automation.
Rated 4.86 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 93 customer reviews

Works flawlessly out of the box

Works flawlessly out of the box.

However, be ready for some hacking if you want to modify visual of form inputs and buttons to match your theme defaults as this module does not contain any actual template for review form. It's but javascript blackbox which sadly does not use generic UI element classes.

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Tnx for this module

This module is a beautiful solution for customers.

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Excelente modulo de reseña gratuito

Perfecto para que tus clientes puedan escribir una reseña de tus productos. Solo recomendaría que entregará la opción de enviar de manera automática un recordatorio al cliente.

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Reply from Datakick Store:
That functionality is part of the premium version of the module
Verified purchase

incapability to match with my theme in meta snippets

I installed this plug-in but google search console in product page found 1 error about review section that it does not belong to any product, I've searched and found an answer that the revw team said "it is theme problem...".
I couldn't resolve this problem so I uninstalled this plug-in...
in other aspects of a module it is good, good UI/UX, and easy to install...

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Reply from Datakick Store:
That is indeed theme-related problem. Revws module only emits review-related metadata to the page. If the page itself doesn't contain metadata about product, or if the review is rendered in the section of the page where product metadata are not available, then google can't associate review metadata with product metadata. That's not something that could be fixed from module, this is theme problem.

Great module with potential to improve

I really like this module. Fast and easy to work with.

What would be perfect, when with every new review your shop is indicating it at the small bell icon in the top. Like when you receive a new order or a new customer has signed or someone wrote you an email.

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  • version 1.2.2 released on 07/11/2020


    • fixed PHP 7.4 deprecation warnings
    • fixed database tables charset -- it's not possible to use smileys in review content
    • fixed microdata in js code -- rich metadata were emitted only in .tpl templates. Now they are also in DOM nodes created by javascript
  • version 1.2.1 released on 10/23/2019

  • version 1.2.0 released on 08/15/2019

  • version 1.1.0 released on 06/12/2019

  • version 1.0.25 released on 05/31/2019

  • version 1.0.24 released on 05/29/2019

  • version 1.0.23 released on 02/22/2019

  • version 1.0.22 released on 02/22/2019

  • version 1.0.21 released on 02/22/2019

  • version 1.0.20 released on 02/22/2019

  • version 1.0.19 released on 02/22/2019

  • version 1.0.18 released on 02/22/2019

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